Rock Climbing: How To Get Back Down When You Complete The Boulder Problem

Rock climbing is an activity that involves climbing rocks on all directions; either up, down or even sideways. The main mission here is to

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Parkour is a sport that developed from overcoming obstacles and barriers in urban areas by running jumping and otherwise traversing these obstacles with physical

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As runners, especially long-distance runners, having endurance is very vital in order to make good progress. Like with anything else, gaining more endurance for

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Choosing the right climbing ropes is crucial. It can save you from serious injury or even death due to falls. It’s essential to pick

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Skateboarding: How To: Kickflip Trick Tip

The kickflip, while not as glamorous as some other fancier tricks, is essential for any skater. For those who have never done flip tricks,


Bouldering is a type of rock climbing which is performed without the use of any ropes like traditional rock climbing. In traditional rock climbing,

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